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Two Kinds of Oversteer
Ove Kvam

Subject: Two kinds of oversteer
Author: Ove Kvam
Date: Mon, 5 Mar, 13:27 GMT
In response to: Oversteer tips needed... by Rich, 87 325is

There are two types of oversteer. One of them is caused by the rear tires going too slow, the other is caused by the rear tires going too fast. The first kind is called trailing throttle oversteer, the second is called a powerslide.

The powerslide is easy to control, and if you want to catch it, simply release the throttle and add some opposite lock. Then be ready to unwind the steering wheel back to center and reapply power as the tail is swinging back, or else the car will do some fishtailing. Powerslides are common during corner exits.

The trailing throttle oversteer is a lot more scary and hard to catch. You need to add opposite lock very quickly. If you want to catch the slide, it can be a good idea to step on the clutch pedal. It is difficult to judge when to return the steering to where it was, but you usually have to do it sooner than you think. Do not touch the brake pedal, as least not until the tail of the car is swinging back.

If you are really cool, you can step on the throttle to transfer the weight to the rear wheels (turn it into a powerslide). Do not try to do that in an emergency situation, though! These kinds of slides often happen during corner entry, and can be caused by trailbraking, aggressive throttle lift, or a bad downshift. If there is a gravel trap, make sure you aim into it with the front first, or else the car can flip.


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