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Lighted Rearview Mirror Installation

Subject: Here Is How To Do It
Author: dave
Date: Wed, 23 May, 12:49 GMT
In Response To: Re: Curious about mirror with maplights, by rickk

I have a mirror with map reading lights and there are several ways to wire it up. You can either wire it to the sunroof, wire it to the Active Check panel (2 ways to do that), or run completely new wiring. I wired mine to the Active Check panel, and if you choose this method, you can have it so it can be switched on at anytime, or only when the key is in the ignition. Mine was wired with the ignition, so I can't leave them on (it also goes to the correct fuse, according to the manual).


1) Take out your old mirror and disconnect your Active Check panel.

2) Connect 2 wires to the new mirror (about 20cm long). The positive wire goes to the pin at the curved end of the connector.

3) Put your new mirror in, with the wires hanging down, nby pushing really hard. Do it now so you don't have to hold it while connecting the wires up.

4) The connector which you pulled out from the Active Check panel has 4 small screws. Undo these (be careful not to drop them) and take the L-shaped cover off.

5) On the edge of the connector you find inside the pin number at each end. Count along to pin 9 (brown wire) and splice into it with the negative wire from the map lights.

6) Now this is where it depends on how you want to wire it: If you want them to have a live connection at all time, even with the key out of the ignition, splice into pin 15 (red/green for 1984-1987, red for 1988-1991) with the positive wire from the map lights. This will be running from fuse 21. If you want them to have a live connection only when the key is on, splice into pin 23 (purple/green) with the positive wire from the maplights. This will be running from fuse 6, just like it should according to the BMW manual.

7) Hold the wires nice and tight and screw the L-shaped cover back on with the 4 screws (again, don't drop them!). Plug the Active Check panel back in and push it back into place. Job done!

I do not take any responsibility for any mistakes/faults/errors that may arise...had to say that :-).

- Dave


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