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Technical_   Engine_  M20 E to I 2.8 Liter Engine Conversion_  Parts List/Price Guide

M20 E to I 2.8 Liter Engine Conversion
Fred Kim

II.   Parts List/Price Guide
No, it's not all the parts you need for the conversion. But its a nice picture anyways.

I decided to break the parts by type (coolant, fuel injection, cylinder head, etc), but also by necessity. A "C" means the part is absolutely necesary for the conversion; an "M" means that the part is a maintenance item and should be replaced; an "O" means that the part could be replaced while you're down there, but is not necessary, and a "U" denotes a part that is an upgrade over stock. I've included the approximate prices for both new and used parts, but like old underwear, there are some things that you just don't want second hand, so I've placed an "NR" (as in Not Recommended) in the areas where I don't recommend buying used (1). Other than the custom pistons, I chose not to list aftermarket parts (cam, fuel pressure regulator, injectors, mass air sensor, etc) , so the following parts are all factory issue. However, some factory upgrades are listed.

Table of Contents

1.) FAQ

2.) Parts List/Price Guide

3.) Short Block

4.) Cylinder Head/Intake Manifold/Fuel Injection

5.) Engine Removal

6.) Engine Install/Wiring Harness

7.) Cooling/Belts

8.) Tachometer Wiring

9.) Final Thoughts
(see bottom of page for notes)

Belt, air conditioning M 64-52-1-466-043 E30 325i or 325e 5.50 NR
Belt, power steering M 32-42-1-706-825 E30 325i or 325e 7 NR
Belt, water pump M 11-51-1-706-710 E30 325i or 325e 7 NR
Connecting rod set M 11-24-1-284-849/50(2) E30 325e 45 NR
Crankshaft, 524td U 11-21-2-242-002/2(3) E28 524td 800 350
Crankshaft front seal, small M 11-12-1-285-609 E30 325i or 325e 5 NR
Crankshaft front seal, large M 11-14-1-275-466 E30 325i or 325e 5 NR
Crankshaft rear seal M 11-14-1-706-785 E30 325i or 325e 25 NR
Crankshaft rear metal gasket M 11-14-1-432-240 E30 325i or 325e 20 NR
Engine mount M 11-81-1-132-323 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR
Main bearing set M 11-21-1-706-849 E30 325e 75 NR
Oil filter M 11-42-1-266-773 E30 325i or 325e 6.50 NR
Oil pan gasket M 11-13-1-730-234 E30 325i or 325e 10 NR
Oil pressure switch M 12-61-1-730-160 E30 325i 10 NR
Oil pump O 11-41-1-720-898 E30 325i or 325e 120 50
Pistons, high comp/1mm overbore C N/A (Aftermarket only) 875 NR(4)
Timing cover (lower) gasket M 11-14-1-720-903 E30 325i or 325e 1 NR


Cylinder head, complete C 11-12-1-707-032 E30 325i 1500 500
(if not complete,
the following parts are needed:)
Camshaft C/M 11-31-1-716-738 E30 325i 325 100
Camshaft seal, upper C/M 11-12-1-285-609 E30 325i 7 NR
Camshaft seal, lower C/M 11-12-1-276-518 E30 325i 6 NR
Rocker arm C/M 11-33-1-271-429 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR
Rocker arm eccentric washer C/M 11-33-1-744-354 E30 325i or 325e 2.50 NR
Rocker shaft seals C/M 11-33-1-264-519 E30 325i or 325e 2.50 NR
Valve, exhaust C/M 11-34-1-708-896 E30 325i 25 10
Valve, intake C/M 11-34-1-708-895 E30 325i 15 10
Valve spring, 30.2mm C/M 11-34-1-706-583 E30 325i 4 2
Valve spring, 20.1mm C/M 11-34-1-706-584 E30 325i 3 2
Head bolt set (torx)(5) M 11-12-1-726-478 E30 325i or 325e 25 NR
Head gasket M 11-12-1-722-734 E30 325i 25 NR
Timing belt M 11-31-1-469-240 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR
Timing belt tensioner M 11-31-1-468-743 E30 325i or 325e 20 NR
Valve cover U 11-12-1-713-116 E30 325i 120 50
Valve cover breather hose M 11-15-1-708-801 E30 325i 13.50 NR
Valve cover gasket M 11-12-1-730-229 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR


Air flow meter C 13-62-1-286-615 E30 325i 275 50
Air flow meter U 13-62-1-286-064 E28 535i or 533i (M30) 275 75
Air flow meter boot C 13-71-1-708-800 E30 325i 20 10
ECU (Motronic 1.3) C 12-14-1-730-527(6) E30 325i 450 100
Fuel filter M 13-32-1-270-038 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR
Fuel injection wiring harness C (7) E30 325i 500 75
Fuel injector C 13-64-1-734-776 E30 325i 55 10
Fuel injector C/U 13-64-1-726-988(8) E28 535i 55 10
Fuel injector C/U 13-64-1-730-060(8) E36 325i or 323i 85 20
Fuel injector o-ring M 13-64-1-730-767(9) Any 1.50 NR
Fuel injector rail C 13-53-1-719-981 E30 325i ? ?
Fuel pressure regulator (3.0 bar) C 13-53-1-722-040 E30 325i 55 25
Idle control valve C 13-41-1-433-626(10) E30 325i 115 50
Idle control valve hose C 13-41-1-718-777 E30 325i 8 NR
Intake manifold C 11-61-1-289-210 E30 325i ? 90
Intake manifold gasket (large) C 11-61-1-726-012 E30 325i 5 NR
Intake manifold gasket (small) C 11-61-1-726-010 E30 325i 3 NR
Intake manifold support plate C 11-61-1-708-838 E30 325i 25 20
Throttle body C 13-54-1-716-065(11) E30 325i 175 60
Throttle body gasket C 13-54-1-289-576 E30 325i 3 NR
Throttle body dual vacuum hose C 34-33-1-158-113 E30 325i 20 15
Throttle position switch C 13-63-1-710-559 E30 325i 50 30


Catalytic converter/downpipes U 11-76-1-716-743 E30 325i 420 100
Exhaust manifold, front U 11-62-1-710-834 E30 325i ? 50
Exhaust manifold, rear U 11-62-1-710-825 E30 325i ? 50
Exhaust manigold gasket M 11-62-1-728-489 E30 325i or 325e 20 NR
Muffler U 18-10-1-705-783 E30 325i 275 100
Muffler hanger kit M N/A E30 325i 40 NR
Oxygen sensor C 11-78-1-716-114(12) E30 325i 115 NR


Alternator (90 A) C/O 12-31-1-726-603(13) E30 325i 200 125
Distributor cap O 12-11-1-725-070 E30 325i or 325e 50 NR
Distributor rotor O 12-11-1-734-110 E30 325i or 325e 20 NR
Ignition wire set C 12-12-1-720-529 E30 325i 115 70
Reference sensor C 12-14-1-720-852 E30 325i 80 35
Spark plug C W8LCR E30 325i 3.75 NR


Hose, expansion tank vent M 17-12-1-119-294 E30 325i or 325e 4 NR
Hose, expansion tank to water pump M 11-53-1-289-257 E30 325i 11 NR
Hose, heater outlet to water pump M 11-53-1-289-377 E30 325i 10 NR
Hose, junction at throttle body M 13-54-1-289-976 E39 325i
Hose, radiator to thermostat hsng M 11-53-1-279-895 E30 325i 15 NR
Hose, radiator to thermostat hsng M 11-53-1-286-914 E30 325i 11 NR
Hose, thermostat to water pump M 11-53-1-287-651 E30 325i 13 NR
Hose, thermostat hsng to throttle hsng M 13-54-1-705-568 E30 325i 12 NR
Hose, water pump outlet to heater M 64-21-1-380-527 E30 325i 5 NR
Temperature sensor, engine coolant C 12-62-1-710-512 E30 325i 15 NR
Temperature sensor, water C 13-62-1-357-414 E30 325i 15 NR
Thermostat M 11-53-1-466-174 E30 325i or 325e 15 NR
Thermostat housing M 11-53-1-730-470 E30 325i or 325e 45 30
Thermostat housing gasket M 11-53-1-722-692 E30 325i or 325e 1.50 NR
Water pump M 11-51-9-071-562 E30 325i or 325e 50 NR


Differential, 3.73 limited slip U 33-10-1-211-961 E30 325is 1700 350
Brake booster O 34-33-1-157-416 E30 325i ? 40
Emblem, "328i" U 51-14-8-170-187 E36 328i 30 15
Tachometer, 7000 RPM(15) C 62-13-1-377-353 E30 325i or M10 328i 275 45

If you add all the figures up from the "new" column, the total comes out to something like $9411.50. Now, before you soil yourself, remember that this figure is for ALL brand new parts, many of which you probably don't need and many of which you can get on eBay for cheap (who pays $1700 for a differential anyway?). The prices are for a reference only and shouldn't be taken as the sole costs. I paid around $3,600 for everything, though all labor (except the machine work on the short block and cylinder head) was done by my friends and myself. Your best bet is to check the junkyard, online classifieds, online parts vendors, or eBay for various parts and accessories that you may need because you'll save a lot of money that way.


(1): If you have a fetish and happen to like dirty underwear, then that's your business. Still, that doesn't mean you should buy used head gaskets for your car.

(2): The part number ending in 849 is for the upper and the number ending in 850 is for the lower. Both are standard sized.

(3): The part number ending in 002 is for the automatic transmission while 003 is for the manual transmission. I don't know what the difference is.

(4): I don't recommend buying used custom-made pistons because of varying tolerances and specifications. Even the pistons that I ordered from JE were the wrong size and I had to send them back and have another set made.

(5): If your car has the older style hex headbolts, replace them with the torx because the hex bolts do not expand at high temperatures.

(6): Any ECU with the Bosch number 0-261-200-173, 0-261-200-380, 0-261-200-524, or 0-261-200-525 will work. The ECU 0-261-200-153 is Motronic 1.1 and will also work, but is known for its problematic idle and therefore isn't recommended.

(7): There are many wiring harnesses available: The ones for the 87, 88, and 89-91 all have different part numbers but are more or less the same. The only main differences are at the fuel injector rail (I believe the earlier models connected directly to the injectors while the later ones had a seperate rail that connected the wiring harness to the injector rail) and oxygen sensor connections.

(8): The injectors from the E28 535i and the E36 325i/323i are upgrades to the E30 325i because of their higher flow rate. They are a direct bolt on and are recommended since the 325i injectors tend to lean out at high RPM. But be warned that your OBC AVG MPG and RANGE features may not be as accurate with the different injectors.

(9): Can also be used for the fuel pressure regulator o-ring as well.

(10): There are two idle control valves for the 325i, an L-shaped unit and a T-shaped unit. Both work fine and function the same.

(11): Throttle bodies from cars built after 1989 had dual vacuum lines that went to the brake booster. The ones before 89 had a single line.

(12): The oxygen sensor must be from the same year as the wiring harness. If the wiring harness is from a 91, then use a 91 O2 sensor. If it's from an 87, then use an 87 O2 sensor.

(13): The 325e's 80 amp alternator bolts right up, but you may want to use the "i" 90 amp alternator because it can handle the 325i's higher load.

(14): Use the cooling system and hoses from an '87 325i because everything changed in 1988. Unless you plan to over haul your entire cooling system to the later model (which is a useless conversion), use the parts from an 87.

(15): For cars made before 1/86 with a coding plug, use an 84-85 318i tachometer. For cars made 1/86 or later with a coding chip, use an 87-91 325i tachometer. For more information, click here.


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