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My Car
E30 Gallery
Bay Area Dyno Day: 11/3/01
Treasure Island to Stinson Beach: 8/4/01
ALMS X-Factor at Sears Point Raceway: 7/24/01
San Diego Meet
So Bangle Walks Into A Bar...


Service History

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325i Exhaust Upgrade
318i/325i Tachometer Upgrade
325e to 325i Engine Conversion
Aluminum Bumper Tuck
Clear Sidemarkers
Dashboard Removal
Differences Between Models
Differences Between Years
Double Clutching
E36 Window Switch Retrofit
Factory 325es/325is Front Spoiler Installation
Factory Ultrasonic Alarm Installation
H4/H1 Headlight Upgrade
Lighted Mirror Installation
M20 E to I 2.8i Engine Conversion
     Page 2: Parts List/Price Guide
     Page 3: Short Block
     Page 4: Cylinder Head/Fuel Injection
     Page 5: Engine Removal
     Page 6: Engine Installation/Wiring Harness
     Page 7: Cooling Hoses/Vacuum Lines/V-Belts
     Page 8: Final Thoughts
     Page 9: Tachometer Wiring
OBD II 101
Oil Pan Replacement
On-Board Computer Functions
On-Board Computer Retrofit
Racing Dynamics E34 M20 Header Install
Seat Shock Replacement
Shadowline Trim Procedure
Specifications 1, 2
Subtle 325 Upgrades
Two Types of Oversteer
Water on the Passenger Floor

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About Me

     Other Cars I Considered


     #1: Monney Car Audio
     #2: Jeff Krause
     #4: Alpine Motorworks
     #5: Santa Clara County Small Claims Court
     #6: San Jose Police Department
     #7: RD Sport/RD Brands/Racing Dynamics

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