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Bay Area Dyno Day - 11/03/01
Advanced Tuning Products, Fremont California

Thanks to Sean Steinman of the E12 registry for all his hard work setting up this event. About 18 cars showed up to dyno and a lot more came out to watch the action. Everyone got three runs with 5 minutes in between runs for adjustments. I wanted to see the real-world gain from the Jim Conforti chip, so my first run was stock. The 2nd run was with the Conforti chip, then the 3rd run was with the Conforti chip and with no air filter (just for kicks). The surprising results are below:

Stock vs Confori chip dyno results

My '86 325 ready to go
In  between runs
Working hard for that horsepower!
Barry Robinson's '88 M3
Backing onto the dyno
Nice M color-coded wire ties :)
Clean motor...note Evo airbox
Dinan turbocharged '88 535is...285 horses!
Dinan turbocharged '88 535is...300 lb-ft torque!
Monster '95 Impala SS w/SLP Ram Air induction
Look at that hood scoop!
Small block LT1 motor sounds much better than my M20
E12 528i w/ 3.5 liter M30
'95 M3 on the dyno...nice BBS rims
Rolling off after dynoing 210 horses
Kinda hard to dyno when your car is dead ;)
Nice E46 M3 droptop...wasn't dynoed, though
Stock '00 323i
Like the license plate :)
More M Power!
Eric Quon's E12 w/M30 power
Just hanging out...

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