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Looks like you're bored with my site and still want to waste more time before the boss gets back. Well, here are a few cool sites that'll keep you busy:

  • BMW Car Club of America
    What? Not a member yet? Boy are you missing out. Their Roundel magazine is among the best BMW publications out there, plus you get access to a lot of cool BMW events, such as car shows, driving schools, and autocrosses. The $35 membership fee pays for itself because of the club discounts you get at most dealers/vendors. If you're in the Bay Area, check out the Golden Gate Chapter to see what events they hold.

  • Bay
    The official San Francisco Bay Area E30 owner's group! Check out the forum for activities and gatherings.

  • BMW E30 Network
    Huge site for E30s with lots of owner pictures and an awesome technical section. The forum is among the best online as well, but its website has now changed to

  • R3vLimited
    Jordan Sarette's personal site that has a forum devoted exclusively to E30s. Check out the progress on his project 325is as well.

  • Bimmerforums
    Probably the largest BMW community online, although the E30 section can be slow at times.

  • Unofficial BMW
    Great site with lots of FAQs, tips, and how-tos concerning just about every BMW made (yes, that includes the E30).

  • Ben Liaw's Big BMW Links
    Has links to just about everything related to BMWs, and then some.

/// BMW Dealers/Vendors/Mechanics

  • All OEM BMW Parts
    Dealer charging you $125 for a front rotor again? Or do they want $700 for a clutch kit? Try these guys. Prices are good and their selection of parts is almost unbeatable. They are a part of Worldpac's parts network, but they tend to have the lowest prices.

  • Nick Alexander Imports
    If you need a dealer only item, Nick Alexander Imports in Los Angeles is the lowest priced dealer anywhere, and for BMWCCA members, parts are cost +20% (another reason to join!). Service is excellent and they will ship anywhere, but if you paying by credit card (and who isn't?) you need a fax machine to authorize it.

  • Vines BMW
    Another used parts site. They have a ton of salvaged cars at great prices; they sell some new parts as well.

  • Maximillian Imports
    These guys have all the hard to find items, like factory spray paint and "is" spoilers.

  • Turner Motorsport
    Good place to buy high-performance goodies. Customer service is excellent.

  • Metric Mechanic
    If you're looking to do some crazy mods, like a 3.0 liter M20 stroker, pay attention to these guys. Don't expect anything to be cheap, though.

  • Ireland Engineering
    Another M20 high performance specialist based out of Southern California. Very knowledgeable guys.

Personal Pages

Strictly Eta
Possibly the best E30 site in the world, though I may be slightly biased.

E30 Eta
The unofficial E30 eta webpage. Great magazine articles and tech articles to help upgrade your eta.

Home of Dave Adam's (now RIP) beautiful '92 330iC M-Technic cabrio. Has great articles such as 5-lug conversion, Big 6 AFM swap, and a 3.0 liter M20 stroker that everyone must see.

William Droll's Uber Eta
Want more power? Check out William's 85 325e, er, 327i and his story behind it. There's a great pictoral of the work he did. Nice!

Gustave's E30 M3 Performance
Gustave Stroes has one of the finest M3s in the state and a very informative site. as well. There are some really interesting tech articles and a section on myths/misconceptions. Great stuff!

BMW E30 M50
Check out Mark Distelhorst's 1986 325es with a '95 325i M50 in it. A must see for anyone interested in swapping their motors for an M50/S50.

Lukas BMW
Here's that crazy Eric Lukas's critically acclaimed website. Bumper swaps, E36 M3 seat conversions, HID lights, E34's all in here.

Ove Kvam's Homepage
Norway's leading autocross champ...and he does it in a 318i! Check out his fake pics (some are pretty believable) and tech articles as well.

Brendan Purcell's 318is Site
Everything you need to know about the rather rare M42 318is is here. Includes a maintenance guide, upgrades, and more info that's tough to find elsewhere.

House of the Dirty E30
See the progression of Jim Laing's '84 318i Evo III project and his collection of beloved Dirty E30s. Be sure to view the tech section for some great articles.

MM Sport
That's Majka Motorsports to you, and yes, that's Nick Majka of fame :). He's got a pretty cool site that shows off his stealthy '87 325...keep an eye out for his upcoming projects and products.

This site has no affiliation with BMW North America, BMW AG, BMW M GmBH, the BMWCCA, or Chris Bangle. Just so you know.
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